Report ShadowBeats

  1. ShadowBeats

  2. ShadowBeats was boosting in /pvp on what appears to be a second account of his as seen in the screenshots below. I witnessed him boosting for ‘5’ kills, its not alot but still ban worthy IMO

  3. Yes this delayed my overall pvp experience as a former member of staff I felt obliged to stop and report the individual.

  4. Image 1: Proof of him boosting. It seems he was unaware of the rules against boosting in pvp as I quote he said: “just farming afk kills whats your prob?”

    , now originally i thought he was just killing an afk player until i saw, Image 2: In which he said, “Omg I just killed myself” in which is not true as he died to the what was the 'AFK player which can be interpreted in two ways; He either made a bad decision or made a stupid move that led to his death or he literally went on his second account and killed himself.

  5. ShadowBeats is a member

  6. …and by no doubt did this occur in /pvp

Usually I would be to lazy to make one of these reports but today’s Shadows lucky day I guess.

He doesn’t appear to have a DTP account, why would he be farming an alt account? Seems rather strange…

I’ll look into the matter.