Report: SeventyFourDollahs

Ban SeventyFourDollahs please. He is rude and very annoying in fact I live with him. So please ban him for reasons.

do you have proof

You are reporting… a member of your own household for no good reason? This is a useless report made just to annoy the people on the other end. I suggest this is denied and closed.

You cant just ask for someone to be banned. In order to get banned you need to violate rules. Furthermore, you need to state good reasons for the players ban and show evidence of his/her actions.

No I think he’s just annoyed at his sibling in real life…

I know he is from his use of words. But he will not be banned

-I know-

(I saw the fake threads about tip and chenaley i just wanted to join. i thought it was funny, but i guess not)

Ok WOW I did not notice you were reporting yourself! I reported myself furor being cat, but it didn’t go over well