Report player [GM COMFIRMED]

  1. Player Name: GM COMFIRMED
  2. What was she or he doing wrong: Flooding chat and Using Modified Client
  3. What was he/she doing that was against the rules? : Spamming/Flooding Chat with death messages and using Terra hax
  4. What was I doing when this happened: Playing in sandbox and In pvp
  5. Did this effect any members on the server: A ton of people
  6. Users Group: Member
  7. List of whitness: everyone on the server at that time

Confirm he’s a hacker and a cheater. A serious one.

Cheating in PvP. God-mode. Hacked weapons. Proud of being a cheater. Ignoring warning and requests to leave. Said, he “don’t care” because he’s behind a proxy (this may be a problem) and will create a new account and IP to bypass ban. Insolently says what cheats he uses. Said “he loves attention”. The list could go on…

Evidences are all in this folder:

There are videos and screenshot.

This man is the most insolent cheater/hacker I’ve seen in my life. For hours he’s been causing a chaos on the server… Serious matter this time…


And some more proof from A68PL


Oh, and he just registered on the server.

Really, for such reasons I would like to be a moderator, to be able to instantly ban such people… Chaos for hours…


An initial ban has been added; further isssues with this player joining back can be postedd here due to mention of proxy.