Report: Legoman

Legoman is Gravy. I strongly believe that you should not have such a menacing and unpredictable individual on this server.
Here is some proof that I totally did not just create on Microsoft Word:

:open_mouth: Shoot Rofle I am sorry! Please don’t ban me… I am just a n00b! Crap how did you find that!?

I even have more!

DONUTS!! He can’t know that!! Why???

Please ban this horrible person right now!

Im sorry but i cant stop laughing, this is BRILLIANT! xD

That’s to far. Even though it is true, our friendship is gone.

It was never there in the first place! ;-;

Edit:Rolling On The Floor Laughing
Edit #2: I agree this player should be banned!
(sorry chenaley!)

This is really a great surprise for me! I never would have imagined Chenaley would do this. I think you should have a private conversation about this with Rofle Chen.

Rated M, 10/10 will watch that ahain XD

Wow, all of you are bullies. I quit. Bye guys

Good!!! Thread closed. c:<