Report imwom

[1] imwom
[2] Invincibility or god-mode inPvP
[3] Cheating in PvP is forbidden
[4] Fighting in PvP
[5] Few other people
[6] Screenshots:


[7] Unknown to me
[8] Summy

May provide a video proof if needed.

A68, just screenshot the evidence, upload it privately to your steam profile, find the photo, click on it, wait for it to load then click it again. Copy that link with the cloud steam thing, and use the [‘img] [’/img] command. (Without the ’ in there) post the link between those and it will create a photo for us to see without faceibg to copy the irl.

Without haveing to copy the link URl*

those links don’t work A68. Try to get the pictures from your steam screenshots

Ehm, they work at me… I see them embedded here.

Edit. OK, indeed you can’t see them. Eh, will fix it soon.

Edit. Should be working now.