Remove server anti-cheat server promotions temporarily until is no longer relavant

A few days ago, a player was falsely banned for mentioning and shortly thereafter unbanned by moderators. I suffered the same fate today (thankfully I am unbanned), but I have seen someone else get banned while looking for my ban for the same reason (see my ban appeal, subtract 1 from the number in the URL). This has lead to people circumventing the unfortunate circumstance, and people who do not know how appeal bans will remain permanently banned. For the time being, I suggest taking down this anti-cheat, at least, until is no longer relevant.

Instead unblock from IP filter because else you’d have to break a rule to enter the text that does not break a rule, i.e. not that that happens:

Items > [Necromancer] <Glasia> (approved by TÜV) : Did you already update to 1;4;4;9?
CMD entered by Watcher: /kick Glasia "Don't bypass the IP filter"
CMD entered by Glasia: /pve
PVE > [Necromancer] <Glasia> (approved by TÜV) : Why the hell did I get kicked for entering a version number?
PVE > [Moderator] <Watcher IO> (watches TV) : This is because otherwise with dots you have been banned, which is filter bypassing.
PVE > [Necromancer] <Glasia> (approved by TÜV) : So, @Frank, did you know there was a glitch in 1;4;4;9? ...
CMD entered by Watcher: /ban add 0 Glasia "bypassing the IP filter"

Edit: I saw, that the bans 10732, 10733 and 10734 are all for entering .
Edit 2: There happened a 4th ban: Ban also for saying


i tried to warn them but ranger_guy tried to test it and got banned.
strikethrough because it was invalid