Re-decorate the web.

Dark-Gaming’s website could be a little bit “cuter” (or not) with more different overviews like. This default style right now. Black Dark Gaming title, white something (dunno what they’re called, pls help if you know), and the cyan or sky bluish “Create a Thread: Make sure you include title and content”, and alas the green “Thanks to IanTheAbsolutelyNorm the server has been funded” announcement.

It’s like renovating a house or coloring a drawing, maybe creating a new cringy meme. Dunno what I’m saying right now.

If you kinda get it you deserve a star for understanding this retard’s saying. So yeah.

By the way, this is just a suggestion. It’d be cool to add more tho.

Since its called DarkGaming… we should have somewhat of a more evil looking or sorta gothic style to suit the name… Don’t you think that would be a better idea than making it “cute”?? I doubt Rofle would approve of a cute website anyways… so… Lets make a darker or more evil/gothic looking website… Sound good?? Many thanks…


I agree with Temmie.

That would just ruin the whole thing ;-; (in my personal opinion).

It makes sense, Whistle… The more votes we get on the evil/gothic/dark themed website… The more we can extend DarkGaming to a larger, better version of itself… and soon… It will surpass every other server and be the #1 terraria server!!! Let’s get started on the road to becoming #1, Who’s with me!?!

I was already in this, Tem kek. I’ll be doing in-game stuff though.

Gotcha, Vic… no prob…