Readd Transfer to next DTP but with fees to block boosting

Readd Transfer but with some limitations in the next DTP:

You can only transfer max. 1,000 DP/day and 1.00 credits without costs (2 counters of how many DP/credits you have transferred which resets everyday), if you want to transfer more, I suggest following fee system:

DP/day credits/day %fee
0-1,000 0-1.00 0%
1,001-1,250 1.05-1.25 5%
1,251-1,500 1.30-1.50 10%
1,501-1,750 1.55-1.75 15%
1,501-2,000 1.80-2.00 20%
>2,001 >2.05 400 DP (that is the cap, so it is still less than trading titles/tags).

This is an analogue measure to rep mode and limiting on internet services password tries to one per second, to slow down exploitation.

Maybe additionally if more than 3,000 DP/day or 3,00 credits (limits rebalancable) are transferred by a single person, the admins should be auto notified, maybe via Phase bot because (mobile) phase runs on

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