(Re) Application for Helper.

Here goes. :smiley:

[Question 1 - What is your in game name?] My in game name has changed :stuck_out_tongue: It is no longer Warsong, but has changed to Battle_Run_Cat, with a nickname of Starfurry.

[Question 2 - How often are you on the server?] Quite often, actually. I have many friends, and I am usually on for about 3-4 hours every day. ( However, keep in mind that I am leaving to UK soon, so I may not be on right away. )

[Question 3 - Why do you want to be a Helper?] I want to be a helper because I would like to help the people in need on Dark Gaming, and make sure everyone has a good time whilst on out server. Not only that, but I was encouraged by the following of doing so: Tip, Swaggy, Legoman, STS, and Connor PJ.

[Question 4 - Will you prioritize helping others and answering questions over other things?] Yes, I will. I realize that I was to talkative and not helpful enough on my last role as helper. I have improved since than, and wish to try again.

[Question 5 - Do you think you have sufficient knowledge to answer many questions that are put to you?] I do, I have had much experience with the server now, and all of the terraria items. I may not be able an occasional question or two, but I will try my hardest. :slight_smile:

[Question 6 - Tell us about you?] I will be open and say my real name, and where I live, ect. My real name is Kelli Ajaravi, and I live in a large city by the name of Turku in Finland. It is a nice place indeed. If you want to see it, just go to google maps. :smiley:

Welp, that’s it. Have a nice day everyone! :smiley:

Oh, and P.S. [color=red] Im 21, AND I’M A WOMAN! [/color] (evil)

Very well written, and you deserve to have helper back.

Ps: Ima come to to turku and fite ye


+1. warsong is a great friend and would be an even better helper

My +1 hath been earnt -bow-

Thank you all for your support. It means much to me. :slight_smile:

yw warsong! xD i’d +1 it every time

It’s a pleasure (:

Oh gosh I spelled application wrong XD

lol,I think you deserve helper +1

Finally! I have been waiting for you to apply again for ages. Battle/Warsong/Starfurry is one of the best helpers out there. She knows almost everything about the server and is very helpful. This application is well written (I would add more to it but I’m picky. :P) and covers almost everything about a helper. I like that you have admitted to making mistakes (we all have made some in our past) and that you say you have improved, because you have. You are an awesome friend and a great helper. +1 from me, you really deserve it.

Aww. Thanks Tip. :slight_smile:

Okay, first off I shall say this is very well written, and it looks like you put a lot of effort into this. You are a great friend, know a lot of knowledge about everything, and you are really nice to everyone! Box, if you are looking at this, I just have to say, it would be really smart to have this person as a helper. I could say a lot more positive stuff about her, but I think that is good. I highly recommend her a helper! +1 Without doubt you deserve it.

Title fixed :smiley:


A little late but a +1 here!

It is never too late to 1+ the awesome warsong so ye this is for helpin ppl 1+

Bump :stuck_out_tongue:

…and grind.

Oh god no.