Razor's Challenge! (inspired by Lord's challenge)

So I was thinking if it would be cool to have MY own challenge for the community to do… (toootally didnt get that from Avery…) So I turned a wiring mechanism into a challenge :smiley: The objective of the challenge is:
-Record yourself or take a screenshot of yourself achieving 13k DPS on the Horseman’s Blade machine in /warp arena of the future (mirror)
Sorry, but I cant give away 10 credits cuz roozah is a hobo
Prizes are:
-1st place: 250k DP
-2nd place: 100k DP
-3rd place: 50k DP

Hope you enjoy the challenge! Have fun!

How do I work the machine? Can I do it w/o it? ;3;
EDIT: Did I do it right? ;3;

Did you have the engine on? Just have to pull the switch next to the sign :wink: And before I give you the DP, I need to see your Accesories :stuck_out_tongue:

(Did all this in-game)

Congratulations on First Place Avery!