Ranks Page

when you go to dark-gaming.com all you have is our home page and at the top the old home forum dtp donate and whatever your website name is. i had the idea of a new page ranks page (which i would be happy to type out if given the access) which has every single rank on that is available for example

guest- you have just joined the server or you haven’t logged in yet or it has sent you back to guest because you used a banned item and you have to re log in.

member- the most basic rank to obtain all you have to do is come on as a character that hasn’t already been registered and type in chat /register password here /login password here and you are done you get a couple commands by doing this such as /warp (a warp here)
or /i item quantity prefix

crew- this is a rank which also can easily be obtained if you have terraria on steam and you have a email when you try to get crew you are normally given help from the inside ( a crew + member on the actual server) and when you get crew you are officially part of the dark gaming community and you get commands such as /sitem search a word here /tp a terraria players realname or if you cant tp to them and they are helper + its because they have denied people tp ing to them. and there …

this would be good because when you are on the server and you are helping people and they ask what are the ranks you can say check dark-gaming.com and there helped a person easily rather then listing all the rank that you know

Thanks for reading my suggestion

Wapapapapapow out

This could be easily put onto the DTP page, which was used for rank-up before the 1.2 update.

maybe but i think that there are so many ranks that you should have your own page for it