I was honestly just thinking to myself about the server and the battle arena project, when an idea popped into mind that I remember seeing on some other forum. I know DG is trying to be different from the other servers, but this idea honestly isn’t a bad one.
My idea is that we should have a better rank classification on the forums
There have been many different ranks that have been unique over the past couple years that haven’t really shown their presence in the forums. Gauntlet Moderator, CTF Admin, Retired Staff (Former Admin exists, but it’s admin exclusive), Battle Arena tester/staff, Event Manager, Manager of Helpers, I would say something about the SSC server, but that died ages ago, Donators, Heck, even Leader board kings.

“What’s wrong with what we have now?”
Nothing, really. It just doesn’t really show how much of an impact some people have had on the server (coughcough Lilian coughcough)

“Hey you apply to all of these! Are you trying to be a self centered prick?”
;n; No. These are just honestly all I could think of at the moment.

“Why make this if it’s not entirely necessary?”
Hey, someone’s got to bring it up eventually, I figure it would be better sooner than later.

“Why bring it up now? Doesn’t DG have enough going on?”
Well… Yea… but… <:{ it just popped into my head now okay.

Give me your opinions on this idea!


Also, another thing I forgot to mention would be a system regarding signatures. Not sure if this community is aware of how that works. If not, don’t worry about it, it’s a minuscule issue that doesn’t have much of a real impact apart from creativity and diversity

I think this is a pretty good idea, it would be pretty cool to have new ranks.

I like this idea as well it would be awesome to have new ranks and signatures.

this sounds cool. cough cough custom titles cough cough for donators cough panda king cough

Signatures are bad. They take up space on every single post and some people confuse them with the actual reply Also, they often they cause more scrolling than should be necessary; The contents of a thread and its replies should be specific to that thread; if people want to advertise something, they can use their profile or create an off-topic thread. The table does have a signatures table, because believe it or not, they did exist before, but were taken out.

Further, I would also like to note that Former Admin is not a rank or something. Simply, there exists an entry for some custom text, with its colour being that of the rank.

I think you’ve got all got a bit of a misunderstanding going on. I’m not actually asking for a new set of ranks or anything, I’m asking for more titles like Former Admin on the forums. An example of this would be like a different server I got to.
Their ranks apply to the forums, regardless of the position it has on the server. We however just have titles for Staff, Known Members, and Retired Admins. I’m saying we should expand the titles, not create a whole new set of ranks.