Questions About The New DTP Update

I’m glad for the update, but I have a few questions.

1) I can do the things that crew can, but my name says that I am a member (I have no titles applied). Is this a glitch?

2) I own a clan, and I noticed that in the posts about this update you were talking about making clans official (or something like that). How can I make mine an official clan? Am I allowed to?

3) In the upgrade tab, it says I was born into one of two clans, and then I can choose one. What does this do? Does it make me an official part of one of the two clans?

Those are my questions. Other members, you can feel free to leave your questions here if you want.

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I Have a question aswell, As i went into Terraria i logged in, I was a member. I Went to the DTP Logged in, equipped some Stuff that i had and went back to server. I Wanted to try to login again, hoping that maybe my Title, Tag and so on will show up, but at that moment it started showing that i have no Permission for /login. As i was Crew, i should of be able to use Crew cmds, but i’m not allowed for that aswell…What could be the problem with this?

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Become a Crew Member again, that will solve some of the problems there.
This is the new link to it as the old DTP isn’t functioning and the
is the new DTP.

As of the “clans” issue, it’s more about factions. Clan that are owned can be affected and can be not,
as you (the leader of a clan) chooses it’s rules.

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Thank you for the information.

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