Questions about /rename

Mainly, how does it work? I can see it changes the actual character name, and your display name is changed accordingly, but it doesn’t seem to change the “name” of the account (if there even is one).

2: I assume renaming yourself identically to other actual accounts follows the same rule as impersonation

3: Is there any limitation on what you can do with /rename on logged in accounts/guest ones? I’ve noticed I can rename a Guest account (the one I used was called Not Madofado, for example) to Madofado, then login with my password to actually log in on that character, but after I /renamed myself again, I was still logged in, albeit with a different name.

It even shows up on phase, very cool

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Pretty much, it changes your character name

Huh, iirc you shouldn’t have access to /rename after you logged in @popstarfreas


Wait, you shouldn’t? Why?

Also, what is the original purpose of this command/why was it created, if you shouldn’t be able to change your account name

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It doesn’t change your account name, it changes your character name. idk about the original purpose but afaict it’s mainly used in the register process

… already exists use /rename ... then /login


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