Quasar (Alien-themed Starship)

For those who have not seen me building this and working on it during all of my time on terraria (equated to about 5 days, Id estimate about 20 hours of work at least), this is the Quasar Star Cruiser. It is intended to have a bit of a futuristic and alien feel to it, and I enjoyed building it. And now that the majority of it is finished (some more very fine detailing may be done, thats all), I present it to you website-dwellers!

With the lights on

And then with the lights off.

If you want to see this for yourself, head over to the right side of the mirror where a giant tree is, then the engine should be found up and to the left of said tree.

Too much skill for me to handle. Brain explodes

Almost a living alien Super Spaceship. XD. The Spaceship is sooo suppper AWESOME!.

Brrrooommmm Broom!! roooomm!! Woosh!! WTF enemy spotted where is the GUNS!! …

Btw WTF its more detailed I can tell what is the purpose of every room !!.. Nice build btw :D.

Awesome build! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the part of it before. Need to check it again.

Did you end up using the walls I suggested?

Not sure what walls you suggested sammich, but ill go over the general style. All of the walls (with the exception of the armory and the med bay) are painted sky blue. For the corridors:
The base wall is Offline Sapphire Gemspark walls.
The walls behind the lights are Crimtane Brick Walls
The “Beams” along the corridors are Smooth Granite Walls surrounded by Chlorophyte Brick walls
The walls that run along with the floor are Martian Conduit Plating walls.
You should be able to see what looks the same in the rooms and be able to figure it all out now :]

EDIT: Forgot to mention Luminite Brick Walls, as they do not appear in the corridors. They look similar to MCP Walls, but with a bit more of an erratic texture.

Addressing the lack of guns, this is why I said it is mostly done. Granted it IS a mothership and as such can release smaller crafts to do the work, but I do intend on adding guns, as well as some other external details. The issue im having is how do I make them to look good and fluid with the mothership and how would I make them keep the smooth and refined feel of the main craft.

Thank you for all the comments, the Trading System may not reward us builders for our skill, but its nice to see that real people do.

EDIT: When I was taking the pictures, I had set entities to OFF. As such, some things are actually not showing up on the image that are actually there. (Example: in the small right section of the cargo bay I have iron boxes, those are not showing up. I will see if I can get some good looking images with them on, or maybe you all can see it for yourself. EDIT WITHIN AN EDIT: Editception. It appears as if the items that do not appear (IE the iron crates, the forges, ETC) actually appear in the image with the lights off, so make sure you stare at that a bit to see whats missing

As well some people have said as I built this they think id be a good builder for the faction war… A68, what are your thoughts? Because I do love to build things you know… and I have a fair amount of attention to detail :3 (Dont have to. Some people said they think id be good for it. so I figured id bring it up here :])

This will change over time, I just wont be working on it as intensely as I have for the past 5 days.

Alright, I think thats it for this wall of text. See ye all around!

The shape looks wierd.

While the shape may look weird, the purpose is clear. Good job Derp!