PvP Teaming?

So it seems there’s a disconnect on what some people believe is teaming in PvP. I think it’s important to start off saying that most of the time, when people refer to teaming, they’re not talking about use of the in-game teams, those are simply sugar on top. By default, PvP is FFA, which means all against all. Some people have said they are not teaming but being “neutral”. This is a big mistake, being neutral is the exact same as not taking sides, meaning they are doing the opposite of teaming. You can only call it neutral if you are comparing person A with all other people, yet some people are saying that they’re not teaming with person B, they’re being neutral with them. That is wrong. You can only compare yourself to all other people, not one person specifically, it’s FFA not Duels. There are only two things you can be doing when compared to another in PvP, you can be helping them or against them. The former is called teaming. If this continues to be a problem that people cannot accept this definition, then it will have to be elevated to have consequences.

Are the rules on 2v2 duels and so and so forth allow teaming? Also, if you just sit in a corner and don’t attack anything, just sit there, is that considered against the rules?

Also something I’ve seen brought up before is people sitting in the honey pool doing nothing. I think if players aren’t even PvPing then it’s okay to not attack them, but if two players are partaking in pvp, you should not be intentionally not attacking that player unless it’s for a legitimate reason like you have no health and they do not notice you or something alike

So it’s fine to sit in honey pool and do nothing in your opinion. It’s not as acceptable to let some people engaged in combat just run. Unless they’re in a duel, in which case you’re just an asshole? or do we have a duel arena now.

Technically there are no formal duels. It’s just a matter of respect for others to agree not to attack them until the duel system comes out. In terms of people sitting around afk, most likely I will enable the spectate permission for all users and then have an AFK timer to auto-spectate people.