Pvp suggestions

I personally think that some modified weapons are making the pvp system a bit uneven ; after reading this, tell me what I should change, I need criticism.

Weapon buffs and nerfs
Melee weapons

Flying dragon
Increase damage from 56 to 75
This makes it so there are more viable wall piercing options for melee class.
Overall: Buff

Increase velocity: this weapon is EXTRA slow
Overall: Buff

Flower pow:
Nerf damage: The damage of this weapon is way higher than everything else
Overall: nerf

Ranged weapons:

Decrease damage from 134 to 109 This is sniper with fast usetime, it’s too overpowered
Overall: Nerf

Eventide: Increase damage (max) from 64 to 85 the only thing that made this weapon viable was it’s high velocity
Nerf velocity: With Flaming quiver the arrows move about as fast as luminite bullets.
Overall: —

Megashark: Increase damage (max) from 48 to 71
Probably gonna be the only viable fast firerate gun
Overall: buff

Hallowed repeater: Decrease damage from 120 to 98
This bow is fast and does extremely high damage, I certainly think this is overpowered.
Overall: nerf

Tsunami: Decrease damage and max damage from 94 (100) to 81 (90)
Big damage and fast firerate: similar to hallowed repeater
Overall: nerf

Daedalus stormbow: increase damage and max damage from 51 (58) to 71 (88)
This is blizzard staff but it shoots less projectiles
Overall: buff

Magic weapon changes

Toxic flask: ban
People spam this weapon as a large trap and nerfing the damage won’t really help because it hits you sevral times per second

Laser machine gun: increase damage and max damage from 46 and (55) to 61 and (70) the only good thing about this weapon is its firerate
Overall: buff

Laser rifle: increase damage and max damage from 63 to 78: similar to eventide
Nerf velocity: similar to eventide
Overall: —

Summoner weapon changes

Firecracker: increase damage from 40 to 90:
Allows another viable whip option

Ammo changes
Ban holy arrows: we should probably ban this for the lag it creates

Ban chlorophyte arrows: same as holy

Unban ichor darts: allows dart gun users to use more viable ammo

I doubt this will be implemented but this is just my opinions on what should be changed

Go to the discord server to make suggestions about pvp, anyways i’ll give my opinion on this


“The invite has expired”


These are MASSIVE stat changes. And I don’t agree with them.

Flying Dragon - Many, many players spam this weapon, and its beefy projectile and wallpiercing capabilities are already a pretty decent combo—that large of a buff could turn it into a nightmare.

Flower Pow - You didn’t specify the exact value you wanted it nerfed by, but I think Flower Pow is fine where it is, being decently difficult to hit with and, unlike Drippler Crippler, almost impossible to spam. It also has somewhat limited range in comparison to some ‘high damage, low firerate’-style ranged weapons.

Eventide - Eventide is fairly easy to hit with, with its decent spread and large projectiles compared to other bows. Upping its maximum damage by a large amount (21) as you suggested could imbalance it slightly.

Megashark - What.
Megashark is a gun with very high firerate, and just enough spread where it’s both accurate enough to hit targets from afar and random enough that from a distance it’s easy to dodge into a bullet. A 23-max damage buff would make a good high-damage ranged loadout near-automatically snap to Megashark, from my previous experience with high-firerate / bullet spam / spread guns.

Toxic Flask - It’s so easy to dodge, though? The Flask is purely ground-based, so while it’s decent for removing those who dare tread within the tunnel without using something to cover themselves, it isn’t great for the players who fly around quickly and dodge and weave through the air (~85% of them).

Laser Machinegun - Not sure it needs a buff, as Razorpine covers the role of fast-firing magic weapon fairly well already. Perhaps the Machinegun needs to find a different place within loadouts? Thus differentiating it from its spiky brother?

Firecracker - Why? What makes it different from Kaleidoscope (longer range, lower damage compared to Dark Harvest) and Dark Harvest (lower range, higher damage compared to Kaleidoscope)? What role does this whip fulfill which the other two do not?

Lastly, I do actually agree with the arrow bans to some extent—not because of the lag in Chlorophyte Arrows’ case, but because they cover a massive area in difficult-to-dodge yet decently strong projectiles for an extended period of time when used with most bows, and Holy Arrows I could definitely see causing great lag for many devices.


Yea I probably shouldn’t have posted this lol


Flying dragon should NOT get a damage buff as it will basically become a catch all
Terrarian does really good dmg for being slow, all yoyos are slow anyways and I don’t think PvP manager is even able to change yoyos’ velocity
Flower Pow is ok as it is hard to hit normally
Actually sniper has more dmg than revolver so a nerf is really not needed
Eventide is easy to hit, spammable and can double even triple hit, increasing the dmg would just make it an op weapon
Megashark same thing with eventide
Hallowed repeater does not need a nerf since it’s hard to hit
Tsunami spam isn’t good as it can be easily outdamaged with close range weapons so it doesn’t need a nerf
Stormbow can maybe be buffed considering it’s hard to hit
Toxic flask is a trash weapon, only works at ground and can be dodged easily with just a dash
Laser machinegun maybe can be buffed slightly
Laser rifle doesn’t need any change on it’s velocity as you need to aim it to make it good, and making it slower would just make laser rifle not require any aim
Firecracker, i mean you have durendal for that
Holy arrows and chlorophyte arrows are bad and slow arrows, that’s it, spamming them would get you maybe some random kills but that’s it
Darts aren’t any good lol


is this an out of season april fools joke


Probably idk, or maybe its cuz I have “overbuff and nerfing syndrome”


Ik you said that you shouldnt have posted this but:
flying dragon spammers are annoying as hell, if anything it should be nerfed just to force spammers to use other options.

eventide is already good, i used to and still do use it and ive been able to get quite a lot of kills just by basically spamming it, it does not need a buff.

i agree with you about banning chloro arrows.

youre gonna say that toxic flask should be banned but flying dragon should be buffed?

noone uses summoner, so theres really no reason to buff the firecracker.

+23 damage to the megashark would make it way too op.

skill based weapons like the revolver shouldnt be nerfed unless theyre clearly way too op, and i dont see people use the sniper or revolver much.

terrarian is supposed to be a close range weapon/“wall pierce” weapon, if it was able to reach high range and still kept its high damage, it would be too op.

(i dont play pvp much so dont take these opinions 100% seriously)


I’m not a very seasoned PvPer, but I’m going to leave my input anyways. If anything is repeated in the replies that I haven’t read yet, oh well…

I think one of the only things that makes Flying Dragon viable is the size of the slash (as a projectile in similar movement fashion to Terra Blade, fairly generous) and the fact that… well, it can ignore walls. That’s already viable enough on its own. Solar Eruption I think fulfills the damage role more for a melee weapon that ignores walls.

Its damage is good for a slow weapon, we don’t need something that can be directed anywhere on screen with minor AoE (or a trail if moving quickly) and is fast.

I’ve… only ever seen Flower Pow used once in PvP. I’m pretty sure Drippled Crippler is better? I can’t say much since I don’t use flails myself.

Sniper Rifle’s higher damage cap awards precision more than Revolver, but the difference of 16 usetime (base) I think means that Revolver has to have a few more ranger tuned accessories to match in damage, even more if you’re a bad shot like I am.

Eventide has both s p r e a d and precision in one package, and I haven’t tested it recently… but if it has that high velocity, it probably doesn’t need any damage buffs because of its velocity.

Wh- no. Absolutely not. It’s a bullet hose gun, it should not have that high damage in the current balance of Dark Gaming PvP.

I’d say only overpowered with Chlorophyte Arrows. If not… eh? It requires an accurate hand to wield it well since it only fires a single arrow compared to some other top bow picks that fire multiple arrows, like Chlorophyte Shotbow and Tsunami.

It’s not as fast, which is made up for by firing a column of arrows… but you still need to aim with it, just not as much. If you get hit a lot, yes, it can hurt a lot, but the same can be said with other top picks.

I can see where you’re coming from and see why it seems reasonable on paper, but… remember, that, unlike Blizzard Staff with only one projectile type, Daedalus Shitstormbow (vanilla joke, not applicable to PvP) has access to every type of arrow in the game that can be used as ammo. I think a buff would be neat, just not as much as your proposal. Think of how much area denial one would have with Luminite Arrows and this proposed buffed Daedalus.

Toxic Flask only detonates when it hits a surface or a player, so there’s several direct counters. Staying in the air is one, as is upping your evasion game against people trying to use it in the air. Since it’s also affected by gravity, just attack from afar if you’re really nervous about getting splashed in the air, though the projectile is fairly small.

Yet another bullet hose weapon, the only redeeming factor about it is firerate… aaaand that’s it. The fact that it’s gated behind mana and spread doesn’t help, since if you want another bullet hose weapon but with spread, Chain Gun exists, except it doesn’t cost mana, fires faster, and can make use of all bullets in the game.

Laser Rifle currently serves as an alternative to the hitscan laser weapons, not quite having hitscan but having higher damage. This would change the purpose of the weapon.

For a whip 7 tiles shorter in range than Dark Harvest (Dark Harvest vs. Kaleidoscope is 5 tiles range), this seems to be a bit much on the damage side.

That is a viable point, and… honestly, since their damage and velocity is just okay, I’m more or less neutral on this.


These things undergo a lot of mitosis, so… yeah, no, I don’t think this is a good idea. O 0 8 o o


I think a lot of these are good, but the increases/decreases you said are too drastic: Eventide could be buffed, but maybe not so much, it’s already alright.

Same for Daedalus Stormbow, Megashark, Flying Dragon, Laser Machinegun, Laser rifle, and (maybe) Firecracker.

Personally I think Laser Machinegun, Laser Rifle, and Flying Dragon are already alright in terms of balance. Maybe slight buff for the machinegun, but not much else.

Toxic flask is annoying but it really isn’t OP, if you just avoid it it’s not that hard, especially since it needs a surfaceto land on.

IDK really about holy/chlorophyte arrows, they don’t cause THAT much lag for me.


There is one thing I personally believe should be nerfed a little, the phantom Phoenix. I, and mado are some of the only people that use this weapon however I think I am falling on this weapon to much for my own good. From (82) damage to (74) damage and nerf the max damage from (125) to (120) as it has a very wide range.


I think the normal damage nerf would make it kind of weak, but the max one is fine


I think this is the best suggestion.

True, but most players are use venom/ichor arrows and only some use luminite. With these arrows, the Daedalus Stormbow is still very hard to hit with, and this is only exacerbated by how situational the weapon is.

In a large open area, there are simply other weapons that are better to use for covering a greater area of range around you. The Daedalus Stormbow is most effective when used like a Blizzard/Meteor Staff, so they are all in the same niche. The Blizzard and Meteor Staves, however, cover a greater horizontal range than the Daedalus Stormbow.

Even if this buff were to be applied to the Daedalus Stormbow, I doubt many players would use it anyway.