pvp is broken :(

i need help this pvp is broken ealier i was pvping it has been a minute then i got stoned every time i used a weapon. i think pvp is broken
please help fix it :slight_smile:

What was your inventory/accessories?
You might have a banned item equipped that is stoning you.

i was talking about i dont have banned equip and weapons but i litterly used every weapons that are unbanned every time i used pvp weapons from kits it turned me to stone

(and also rofle fixed the problem so u dont have to worry) :slight_smile:

Alright. Dimension probably just needed a restart then.

Its’s still not fixed ;-;

Help me

Lol, why are you necroposting. This is a separate problem that occurred almost 2 years ago.
Check chat if you have armor, accessories, weaapons, tools, etc that are banned.