PSA: How to reset your /register password (when you forgot it)

As I had this issue in the past (thankfully it has been resolved for a while now) and many other people have a problem with it, I’d thought I’d put something for people who do have this issue.

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • wait for staff to respond

Step 3:

  • Say a phrase in chat with your account that is logged in (if it is not logged in then it is impossible to recover, make a new one and ask staff do delete the old one, for no one can have alternate accounts on Dark Gaming)

Step 4:

  • If staff finds that the person they are speaking to is you, they’ll reset the password to a randomly generated word password. change it immediately to something you remember, and BOOM, you got your account password is recovered!

I really hoped this helps people, and remember, have fun!


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