Proserpina's Ban Appeal

This is the second week that I have played this game since I stopped playing back in late 2015. I hadn’t remembered being on this server ever before and I was bored, so I copied the IP and tried joining, but it said I was banned.

[Q1] I have no idea why I was banned, but the ban message it provides says that I was banned for misbehavior.
[Q2] I don’t know if I broke the rules at all, nor do I remember ever being on this server. I would say that I hope I didn’t intentionally break the rules, but one a half years later I assure you I am responsible enough to not break the rules (again?).
[Q3] I have no clue if the ban was fair, however what I will point out that I have no knowledge of having broken the rules on this server or having been on this server, which invalidates any option of fairness or not on my end. Furthermore, it is highly possible that nobody in the servers remembers me, as I am much more open with talking on servers than I was in 2015, and might not have said much in the short amount of time I could have been on your server.
[Q4] I believe I should be unbanned because since 2015, and whatever happened then that got me banned, I have changed. I’ve been an admin on two servers (one was GECK, the other was a small server that rarely had anyone online) and I have never been banned except for this one instance. I believe I should be allowed to experience this server for what it is.

Thank you for your time,

What name were you using at the time?

See, that’s the problem. I have no idea.

Sorry for the late reply by the way, I had trouble logging in for a couple days.

Reset your client UUID. Your IP and your current name are not in any ban records, so it must be your client UUID. Because I do not know it and neither the name you use, so I cannot unban you.