Possible mobile updates?

Mobile on dark gaming is pretty buggy and not everything works. For example the scoreboard in zombies and survival and build just not working at all and crew rank is almost super hard to get. Crew rank you need to connect a steam account to or get 50k dp or 2 credits which first off steam account is not possible for mobile and 50k dp points is just hard. I would love it if you guys made it easier to get or a way mobile can do somthing to get crew rank. Thank you for reading :smiley:

Then just vote for the server a lot. Every vote, last I checked, gives 5% of a Credit. You can vote from any device.

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But that will take 40 days of voteing compared to 10m of connecting to steam

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…compared to how long for 50k DP?

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its actually pretty easy to get dp

just go to zombies and do a mystic run

its an automatic round 20 while stealing all dp of zombies

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Is that before, or after accounting for daily DP limits and the limits on the Zombies banks?

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It’s impossible to get 50k DP; it’s literally fucking obscene (expletive needed to express how virtually impossible it is).

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lol, I miscounted 2 credits for 1, so I said it took 20 days of continuous voting in order to gain crew. This is erroneous of course, so I deleted the post I made earlier.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the bank cap for every individual player is around 20k DP right now. Besides this, the DP drain is back and extremely burdensome. Apparently, daily DP limits are imposed onto all players as well too.

Not only that, but the economy is stagnant as hell. Of the 450k DP in rotation, only around 24k DP is available. Of the 24k DP available, about 23k is allocated in hardcore zombies. Ergo, no matter how easily you can get DP from hardcore zombies, it is impossible to get 50k DP.

Besides, speaking in terms of percentage, 50k DP is about 11% of the total DP in rotation; that’s fucking insanity. Filip_P, the one with the most DP right now, only has about 3% of the total DP in rotation, having about 15k DP.

Oh, and in addition, you can get DP easily in Zombies, although I haven’t received a single bit of DP from it. Despite this, I know this is a truthful claim since there is currently 0 DP in the Zombies bank. All of it has been vigorously extracted.

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50k DP is impossible to obtain, and 40 days of continuous voting is an excessively tall order for some minor in-game privileges.

The most viable option is to gain Crew via Steam, but this is not an available option for those who’ve purchased Terraria on mobile or GOG. This is an issue.

I don’t think it is possible to configure the scoreboard UI onto mobile, though I might be wrong. However, if the scoreboard is somehow implemented, wouldn’t that create a cluttered mess on a small mobile screen?

Obviously, the scoreboard is an integral part of the Dark Gaming experience, but I can’t imagine how to make it compatible with mobile.

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I don’t even know if that 23k is available. As can be seen by the timestamps, this was about 4 days ago.
For reference, Dexatj is a developer on the server.


Unfortunately, your suggestion is too vague. The topic is essentially “mobile updates”, which literally could mean anything. You also mention multiple things in your suggestion. You should be suggesting one single thing that is definable, otherwise the suggestion is impossible to implement.

If that’s your suggestion, it needs to be clearly the topic of the suggestion, and the post should focus on only this. You need to put forward information on what you are looking to be implemented/changed otherwise it’s just mindless discussion that has no resolution, if you want to discuss options before suggesting them, post a topic in somewhere like #terraria-server then once you have enough information, post a suggestion.

I’m going to close this suggestion. If you want to focus on Crew, you can make a new one focusing specifically on this. The more effort and thought you put into a suggestion, the closer it will be to being considered. If you’re unsure what you could add, start the post with what you want to change, discuss how that change works compared to the existing system and talk about pros and cons of the change.

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