Plugin Suggestion Thread

So, after having a small discussion with Rofle on the thread concerning the new wiring plugin, he suggested I make a thread about suggesting plugins. So here we are. If you wish to suggest a plugin, please follow this short format I am going to create.

                                             [b] FORMAT [/b] 

[‘b] [Q1] [’/b] What is the plugin called, and where can we find it? (links included)

[‘b] [Q2] [’/b] Why do you think we need this plugin?

[‘b] [Q3] [’/b] Who do you think will use this plugin? (Ranks, and generalizations. Examples: Admins, Members, PvPers, Builders, etc)

Now then. Here are some of the plugins that I have found interesting.


[Q1] AFK Warp/Kick plugin.

[Q2] During events such as Blood Moon, and when people afk in the PvP arena, it gives the person lucky enough to find them an almost infinite amount of Score, Kills, and raises the K.D.R by far more than possible

[Q3] Well, people wouldn’t really use it. It would be more of a passive plugin if anything


[Q1] C3Mod

[Q2] In general, it could be useful. I have seen a few other servers using it, and my favorite feature is, by far, the /duel command.

[Q3] Almost everyone would have some feature with this mod. PvPers would use the /duel at least.

I know Rofle used to use this mod, and he claims that it is no longer working, or something alike, but I still like the idea of this command set.
If anyone else has any suggestions, post them here!

is autobroadcast plugin a thing yet?

I know that there is a broadcast for the #1 person on the leaderboards, but apart from that…