Plugin-IP detection

The new situation that almost every Monday & Tuesday attacks on the server needs to be dealt with a new weapon, well, not that new.
The plugin will let us, the people who aren’t Rofle to IP ban offline peoples. How?
The cmd will have the format /(command?) (Player) (time that the player has joined) .
There probably much more ThePunisher named characters for example, and the plugin will let mods and higher ranks who aren’t hosting the server to ban IPs by the login of them (just like with /rollback) and to do a more efficient work, take care about many more violators and to make a better server.

Good idea!

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guess that’s how you banned me

guess that’s how you banned me


Its off topic and you alrrady know it and how to react.

wtf? you dont have /whois?

/who is to see who’s playing right now, total difference than what I suggested for

you didnt read my post correctly. /whois, not /who. /whois shows you the player’s ips, other accounts, etc. do you have that anymore?

It isn’t exists. only /ui is, but cannot be used on players who aren’t playing on the server at the same
time of executing the command.

ok, i was just wondering if “it is exists” anymore.