Please Unban Me

[Q1] Ban number:
[Q2] I don’t think I was warned before I was banned
[Q3] Do you think your Ban was fair? It would have been fair to ban me if I had been the person damaging other people’s property.
[Q4] Why should we unban you? My younger brother used my login and did whatever it was that caused me to be banned. I’m not even sure what he did because I wasn’t home, but it looks like he destroyed other people’s property. I’m changing my password so that he can’t use my account anymore.

These are the pictures of your first found grief:
Before :
After :

There were many other actions around the world that caused me to do a rollback of a very large radius. Regardless of who did it, as I have said, it’s not you who is judged against the rules but your account. If your brother does something then I don’t care because as far as I am concerned, you did it and you are held accountable for any and all actions made under your account.

If you want to get unbanned you’ll need to give me a very good reason to unban you; and no, your brother is not an excuse. You must read over the rules as well and confirm to me that you have read them. When both of these conditions is met I will make my decision. Your reason will be the sole power to getting you back in, if you are bad at writing, explaining or communication then you are at an unfortunate point of which was your fault. Try your best and don’t let it fall short.

I have also banned him for grief,
once I get home the shots will be added.
Edit-Pictures, as I said.

I couldn’t find anymore around my screenshots, but I believe that Rofle’s ones are also enough.