Please unban me SkeletronSlayer

[1] Why were you banned?


40 tiles

[2] When were you banned?

About 2 months ago

[3] How long have you been banned?

I was banned forever

About 2 months

[4] Where were you when you was banned?

At my computer playing on the server

In the game i was at the dungeon

[5] Who banned you? If you do not remember their name, then what was their staff rank?



[6] Do you think your ban was unfair? If so, why?

Not really

[7] Why should we unban you?

I love playing on the server and i have a great time playing on it i play on it almost 24/7 I promise I’ll never do it again I’m really sorry I admit that I greifed a little bit

If you accept this please give me the server IP.

I’ll come up with a better reason hold on.

if pop banned u it was 4 a really good reason. but he usually gives ppl second chances xD

I witnessed your ban and it was around 2 months ago. Lying does not help the situation. You were banned for griefing around 40 blocks. I do however like that you admit it was fair.

tough luck getting unbanned the owner of the server banned you!!!

ya. that’s what i tried to say, but in a nicer way jon

Swaggy said that Pop is really merciful. He will probably accept this, he usually does, if he has a good reason.

Just gonna bump this so that pop can see it