Please Unban Me Dark Gaming :P 87Calories

I was apperently “Griefing” By building a clan castle underground.

I was banned today, but with everything I put in the server…
-I made a Better pvp arena for the server becuase i noticed pvp was constantly growing and needed a better arena since it was always at spawn.

  • I made an epic Mansion i spent time on

Like i said I was banned today but feels like forever

I was banned when AFK building a clan castle which was turning out to be pretty cool (and I was gonna call my clan the Calories XD)

The Person Who Banned Me was Swaggy, But this makes my head turn because i even asked Ronald (helper Rank) if it was Griefing and he replied “no” and he even helped me.

I believe this is unfair due to the fact this guy was always near me watching my every mistake and the pvp arena I made, he copied it when in construction and claimed it his. He tried to find ways to ban me which I found redicoulus (sorry for spelling im up at 11 ) When building my clan castle which I named my clan Batcave i had multiple members on this website help me build and I even asked whatever I built If it was grief.

The entire reason I became a crew was to Make this server better by adding new things. before Knowing It was wrong I tried to upgrade Tip’s afk room but i got a strike. I never meant harm to this server and earlier im sorry about the rude comments i made And I hope i can go Back to having fun on a server.

the funny thing is Ive only been on for a week and Ive made many friends which I miss. I met BeetleBorg, Hunter/, STS, Tip, Ronald, Legoman, and many more. I only ask to be unbanned for reasons like these.-87CaloriesPerServing

I do Sware I did the actions of building a base and all its not like im trying to hide anything.

I really think he should be unbanned. Please unban him, but this won’t matter, because I believe swaggy has banned him. Anyways, good luck!

yes. I don’t think he should’ve been banned. 87 is a nice guy. btw 87 it’s Renald. I got a pm from 87 that was kinda disturbing… that swaggy banned him for bad reasons. I have no idea if this is true but, i think 87 deserces a second chance :slight_smile:

From what I hear, he was banned for building a base, which is ridiculous, it’s like banning someone for making a wooden sword.
I honestly think he should be unbanned.

He wasn’t just banned for that, he was banned because swaggy thought different about religion. But hey, let’s not talk about that :wink:

Looks legit. I vote for unban.

If you continue to talk about me in a negative manner lego; he will have no chance.

Uh guys there’s one vital thing you guys are missing… He didn’t follow the format [the format] He has to follow the format if this wants to even be considered. I do believe he should be unbanned. He did have 2 strikes. The first was grieving my afk room. And the second Idk about. (It was something with Swaggy)
So, what I suggest is that he follows the format, and makes it sound a little sincere.
Oh and also I am not taking sides here.

I’m going to list the reasons why he was banned:

  1. He griefed once, receiving a warning from tip after.
  2. He grifed again after being warned
    At that point I decided to ho easy on him and not ban him.
    After that he continued to pout and whine about possibly being banned.
    He called has ban ‘random’ and ‘unfair’ which is definitely not true.
    He argued with me and tip multiple times and called us ‘faggot’ on multiple occasions.

I didnt see the grief but i would like to see some of the evidence to make my final decision. And its not just up to one person whether hes unbanned or not so dont derail with personal issues.

You can witness where he placed tons of unnecessary wire through multiple other people’s houses. He also made a house right around another person’s.
And just recently he built an ‘afk room’ too close to an admin’s building and he moved it away.

Also, any comments that get out of hand, I will start to delete.

I dont wanna have to jump on the server and have to look for it i wish there were pics but i guees i have to look regardless…

You can find it on my steam profile :stuck_out_tongue:

Tip… sorry to contradict you but… this does follow format it just dont got the numbers. if 87 has changed it since u said it domt follow format then, oops and sorry

He edited it now. -.-

How could I cause him to not get unbanned?-_- Seriously, if he deserved to get unbanned, and you kept him banned, then he would probably be unbanned by someone of higher rank.

I’m going to start to delete unrelated comments soon so could you guys just not fight?

I am the helper that told 87 it was not grieving. he wasn’t causing anyone grief by making a clan base. it was an accident with the afk room. plz give him anuther chance swaggy. plz

the area was unprotected, i know cuz i helped mine some of it.

Wait u helped him mine some one it

Wait you mined it too on purpose

Please get back to me about what u meant cos i don’t understand the sentence I know cuz I helped him mine some of it

That means to me you guys did it on purpose and if you did do it on purpose why did you join in you are a helper a good one in fact

Also I say if this was a accident 87 should be unbanned