Playtest mode

Sometimes people don’t check Discord. Sometimes don’t have it. So why not add playtest mode
/playtest <start/end>
/playtest start <all/member/dtp> <all/member/dtp/none>
/j z playtest

So how is this gonna work, that u can start a playtest by /playtest start. Now u need to add category of player that u wanna let join. All players is 1, registered-only is 2, and only players that have their account linked to dtp is 3. (none is 0). Now same for people that u want to inform about playtest (in-game when /playtest start runs, it will show in chat for every people in lobby every 10 mins and when people join Gamemodes dimension too. (if u dont wanna inform anyone, dont turn on playtest mode, its only for informing people and allowing them to join that lobby at any moment)

Now it compares number that given before of
people that can join and people that informed
it should be this:
people that can join <= people that informed
otherwise it shows error (i think u see reason)

/playtest end ends playtest

/j z playtest enters u at lobby with playtest

/playtest = /pt
/j z playtest = /j z pt

I had a similar concept, it’s called the Host lobby and would function identical to map builder lobbies except anyone could join them at any time


definitely be useful, but I personally think that only allowing one map builder lobby and make /j z -mb join map builder if one exists would be better. For one thing, the broadcasts might lag or simply be annoying to users who are within specifications.