Player/Thread Search

Before I get started I would like to thank king kingsley2002 for inspiring me to make one. He hadn’t thought to make how it looks sadly though, so here is an idea. It would be on the opposite side of the screen as the chat module and would be light green. It would possibly be 4.5 inches long on the screen. The results would make a link that is renamed like chenaley.
Here is an idea of what it would looks like(I am not that great at designing things :D).

Wow it looks brilliant!

Might need a few touch-ups on the looks :smiley: but otherwise looks great!

Can Players be on Alphabet order. (Did you use “Paint” on that lol)

Haha I know I am bad. Thanks guys! :slight_smile: Also yes paint. :wink:

Dun better den I could lol

Bump: This idea must be seen.