Player Search Bar

I’ve been thinking that maybe there should be a place where you can enter a player’s site name and then it’ll give you his/her profile. And possibly we would be able to also search said player’s ign name? This is only a suggestion! :smiley:


Staff have this ability

The Search Bar will eventually come back into existence when I can see where to put it.

Ok well I feel silly now! :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s still awesome that this will exist. :smiley:

You can go to their profiles if you know their forum name. Click on your profile name, and in the URL bar delete you name and put in someone’s name. For example, HTTPS:// profile name here) and change or profile name to a name you want to search. Eg. HTTPS:// will take you to his page.

Well I know that… But my point still stands.

This would be useful.

I would love that!!!