Player report ''Zuber''

A player named ‘‘Zuber’’ have been Spamming continuously, while using Caps, and swearing to other players. I have warned him countless times, but he only ignores me. He says, that someone have taken his account. He have been joining with his other characters, to come to offend the player, who have ‘‘Stolen’’ his account.
I don’t want to get him into big trouble, so if someone with more power than me would just tell him to stop, I would appreciate that :slight_smile:

Here is the Screenshot I toke

Put in the beginning of the url, and at the end.


Put [/url] at the end, and [url] in the beginning of the link.

Put [ url ] urlgoeshere [/url] without the spaces in the first one :slight_smile:

I was on, I told him to stop several times and I warned him about 4 times. I told him to type /login Zuber passwordhere and then he did it and said thank you. After that I went afk and he continued to spam about the same thing.

I’ll deal out a necessary punishment

i saw him too