Player Report: Legolas and Kirill

I had just built a cloud home on the top of the world. I set home there to save the location. I even put a sign there warning griefers of what would happened. Legolas and Kirill were immediately interested in my home when they saw it. Legolas wen nuts with the picksaw in my home and i also found kirill breaking walls in my home. I also built a mob trap and boxed it into keep the hardmode mobs off of my home( there’s a limit to how many hard mode mobs can spawn, a mob trap uses the limit) and one of them had broken a block on it so they can shoot the mobs. Heres the screenies

made some changes to my cloud home, surrounded my home with the new good traps to make it near impossible to enter my home. Me i sethome there so it doesnt hurt me none. i also added a heart and mana farm

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Very good evidence. I vote for punishment for both.

ban both or 1 week each

lol… I vote for perma ban!

ditto. grieving is really bad.

Guys greiving is an automatic ban. If the block ratio was 10+ then I would gladly ban these 2.

perma-ban. Lots of server I used to play were griefed by ppl, if that might be them, and if it wont, I will vote for perma ban both,
So they will learn not to mess with builders that worked hard on thei’r places, and maybe to prevent them from griefing other places/houses.
(btw, PvPed with Kirill but didnt know that he griefed also…)


Has anyone dealt with this yet? A member of staff should check out the grief location, take a few screenshots of the history and after the rollback of both players as evidence, and then post about the resolution of this thread, close it, and then ban both players.

I think i remember you zues :slight_smile: Didn’t you build that nyan cat under my house ?

who keeps turning my traps off ? I understand if there annoying, The reason why i put them there is to keep everyone besides me out of my home.