Player Report - hollyy shit

  1. hollyy shit

  2. Wrong idea of naming a character.

  3. The player was named by curses and “nice” words.

  4. I was around my beach-house and the ship (that was build by Nicky and I, working on some improvements for the house.

  5. Affected me, but not sure about others. I got by some of my own “rules”, lets call it like that,
    as disrespect and other stuff are really annoying me.

  6. The following pictures describes the player’s entering the the server and a warning, that he wasn’t caring about it of-course.

This isn’t really enough to ban the player. You need to have at least 3 shots of evidence of you warning the player that his/her name is inappropriate and that he/she should leave. Unlike a staff member being able to kick the player, “holly shit” might not see the first or second warning.

Ok, so I will go back into the 3 warning way.