Player Report: "Doomshadow

[colour=red][1] Members name[/colour]
[colour=red][2] Report: What they were doing wrong, describe in detail.[/colour]
Using Modded Clients (Red’s Breastplate)
[colour=red][3] What they were doing was inappropriate or against the rules?[/colour]
As I said above
[colour=red][4] What you were doing when this happened.? [/colour]
gathering evidence
[colour=red][5] Did this effect just you or other members as well or what was effected?[/colour]
This effected me because he was violating rules, and im here to stop violators :stuck_out_tongue:
[colour=red][6] Evidence.[/colour]

[colour=red][7] Users Group [Guest, Member, Crew, Staff][/colour]
Couldn’t tell, didn’t talk
[colour=red][8] List of witnesses. (If any) [/colour]

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