Player report: Chat spam.

[1] Members name.


[2] Report: What they were doing wrong, describe in detail or what rule(s) they broke.

They kept spamming the chat with items, and ignored my warnings, and proceeded to continue <-- (I killed English ;-;). As well as saying that the server won’t do anything.

[3] Did this effect anyone ?

Yes, it affects players as it fills their chat log unnecessary things, covering a portion of the player’s screen and it’s very bothersome.

[4] Evidence.

[5] Users Group [Guest, Member, Crew, Staff]


[6] Server: Main/Mirror (if this is a server report)


* Quick Question* : Is the report fine ? It seems to lack a bit of information (in my opinion) but I’m trying to simplify it so you guys (staff) don’t really waste much time, as I’m sure you guys probably have things on your lists which are of higher priority/priorities.

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He will be warned and banned if this type of behavior persists.

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