Player report "ANR"

ANR wouldn’t quit advertising his server. I have the screenshots below and me and Connor told him multiple times to quit advertising but he ignored us. finally I said I was gonna report him cuz he wouldn’t quit and then he left. there are 5 pictures of ANR advertising.

I don’t think that is a link to any pictures…

Edit: ok i changed it and i should work now

@Dragonslayer I strongly recommend you not to use Steam Screenshot Uploader when sharing screenshots. Locate the screenshot folder on your hard drive, upload it to an image hosting service such as or, and then paste the direct link here as an image.

I love it when people try to advertise a Local Host Server.

They’re giving us time before they evolve to learn their external IP!

Wow. They’re smart. +9001.

btw enerdy I accidentally got the wrong link. tho steam hates me i still gonna use it :slight_smile: