Player On Godmode I think

OK so I was on the server and this guy named hfsg only had one hundred health and I kept trying to kill him but he wouldn’t die so I think he was using God mode although can’t figure out to post my proof here

I’m a witness the guy said: “help im hacking meself!” i quote

If he was crew he might have been using buildmode.

yeah he did say “help I’m hacking myself”

Was he crew?

I’m not sure but I don’t think so

OK so I was testing…and while I was in buildmode I couldn’t even turn on PVP

Oh Rofl must have fixed that problem :stuck_out_tongue:

tha guy [i]said[/i]he was hacking for goodness sake!

He might have not known he was in buildmode. If you are in buildmode and type /pvp you go into pvp and you can’t be killed.