Player Akom jr using Multiple accounts for PvE

[1] Members name.

  • Akom jr

[2] Report: what rule(s) they broke (quote them).
#1 Multiple Accounts
Multiple Accounts are forbidden. You are only permitted one account per person. Our experience only facilitates a person having a single account. Duplicate accounts will be deleted, and violation of this rule after a warning will result in a Ban. The player does not get to choose which account is considered the primary account.
#1 Boosting
Using more than one client at a time on the server, intentionally letting someone kill you multiple times and other forms of PvP XP Farming, aka ‘Boosting’ is forbidden. XP denotes earned Experience. Boosting is not earned Experience.

[3] Did this affect anyone (e.g. they were using their hacks in PvP)?

  • This would be considered unfair since most players I know of achieve dp through hours of diligent farming using only 1 account. If I would answer for the majority of diligent players- YES this does affect everyone and not just everyone, most may also say that this also affects the entire server and its bank.

[4] Evidence. (If this includes chat, Phase link one or more messages)

You can see in the chat that there are two players with the same name: Akom jr, and AkomTO.

After I stated that what hes doing is wrong I didn’t know he was afk at that time. When he got back from his afk he logout his alternate account which is AkomTO, this in turn made evidence that it was indeed his alternate account.

[5] Dimension: (if this is a server report).

  • Player vs Environment (PvE)

[6] Roughly, the time (in UTC) the offence was made. (if this is a
server report)

  • 7:30pm UCT+8 (roughly)

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