PixelArt Wub style

Hello fellow Dark gamers I am WubbidyWubz if you didn’t already know and i have some VERY exiting news for you!!! I am opening a Pixel art building thing where you ask for pixel art you want and i will build it in the suggested location! You MUST be CREW+ for me to make you it because then you can add things to the finished product HOWEVER I still will make members ones but they wont be able to do anything to them until there crew. Thanks for listening to my post I hope for some requests and again thanks for listening :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

cool i will pm you

k bro

I can also help with this if u want Wubz…? (Although I can’t do people At All)

Yes and ill handle the people part k?

Yes and ill handle the people part k?

Alrighty :smiley: Thanks Wubz :slight_smile: