Pixel Artist Thread

Thought I’d create a pixel art thread because I’ve been practicing and I can do cool stuff now!

Good For You

I was going to add more.

Here are the statues i am willing to make:
Mario Characters
Metroid stuff
Terraria Items
And some more :slight_smile:
Please pm me if you want one OR post on this thread

I feel like your a rip off of me ;o
Regardless I take requests for bigger arts.
In that same way chain I want you to place a sign saying that you made this so that people know who you made compared to who I made, cause everyone knows I do LOTS of pixel art


If you want to keep up with MrSandwich’s pixel art, then you should make original things that aren’t copied from anything at all.

I’m working on a reaper design :slight_smile:

Good for you! All pixel artists should make me a reaper(s)!

Do you want a fluffy tail on it?

On a reaper?