Phase Improvements (Many Suggestions)

User Interface


Remove the menu entirely, replace it with an avatar icon. Next to the avatar icon would be a red X button that would log you out.

Live Typing

Remove this feature, replace it with [username]'s icon on the bottom left to show that they are typing.

Voice Alert

This feature does not work, so remove the button entirely.

Removal of Yourself

If the discussion is the Terraria Discussion or whatever you called the discussion with the terraria server’s chat, remove the - button next to your name. This causes less accidents with the discussion removal.

Online and DIscussions Tab

Add a button next to to the tabs that hides the tab. This will allow more room for you to see the chat horizantally.

Discussion Filter

Remove this button, most people on Phase only have 3 or 4 discussions.

User Search

This feature would allow you to easily search for users, instead of mindlessly scrolling trying to find the user you want. Productivity rules.



Notifications should be removed because notifications are often disruptive. Also remove the bell button.


Filters like by: should be more clear and should appear while you are searching.

These would improve Phase.

Also for filters add this:

before:YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM search before that time
before:YYYY-MM-DD search before that date
same with after
ip: (only for mods) search by ip
The search infinitely loads on characters like @ or .
Also enable that the search of something like caps caps actually searches caps caps and not only caps.


so like have “caps caps” work to search for those keywords?

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