Personal Matters Butting In, And A Helpful Reminder

Helpers and members,
First off, this is always friendly reminded in helper applications, or any other applications for that matter. Even though it is friendly reminded every time it is done, nobody seems to catch on. So, I am going to ask that when members and/or staff post on an application, DO NOT make a -1 or +1 personal in any way. +1/-1’s are in accordance to how well the applicants app is or how good they can carry out there abilities. Also, I will advise something that is already advised, Don’t ask people to +1 your app. At most just ask them to check it out and read it.
Also, a change has to be put into place. This has also been adressed in many other threads but I witness it every day and wanted to enforce it again. HELPERS, do not make me have to ask you or remind you of your job. On the server you are there mainly to help NOT build and talk with other helpers or crew. You can do that, when you are not needed. I shoudn’t have to remind helper applicants, and/or REAL HELPERS to do there job and tell the person asking that is asking the question that someone will help them as a hint. DO YOUR JOB HELPERS.
P.s. I know some helpers do their job diligently and without fail, but some do not, I am not adressing the ones who do as much as the ones who don’t.

Well said BoB. This covers almost everything that I (and many other people) have had to explain to applicants and helpers many, many times. :smiley:

Like I said, this is advised in other threads, and reminded in other threads, but I made a thread completely about to explain things that helpful (not so helpful) reminders cannot.

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Everyone should read tis.

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Hope I’m doing the right thing then :stuck_out_tongue:

You are xD