[Outdated]I want to become a helper

[Q1] My in game name is legend master

[Q2] I play mostly on weekends

[Q3] I want to be a helper so I can help other players with there problems and assist anyone who needs any kind of help and stuff like that.

[Q4] I can promise you I will help others in need of assistance if I do not I will purposely relive my self of duty’s as helper because I could not for fill my promise and duty’s

[Q5] Mostly I would say yes I have played terraria for a few years and can answer almost any problem thrown at me

[Q6] I am 11 years old, I am a good problem solver, I can handle problems under pressure, and i am an efficient worker

Very short and some grammar mistakes. I have never seen you help or even on the server. No +1 or -1 from me

I agree with Swaggy. This is too short and I have never seen you on the server. Helpers don’t deal with griefers/hackers, moderators do. Come on the server more, help more and fix your app and maybe it will be good. :slight_smile:

OK but i have been on this server before it got updated to the current map and thanks for support donuts :slight_smile:

I made a new one don’t mind this one