Optimization Log

I will edit this post as I optimize sections of the website. The point of this is to track my progress on what I’ve optimized.
This is also a thread to ask you what pages are loading the slowest. Warning: do not post here if the whole site is loading slow; that is an issue with my host that I’m querying at the moment.

30/07/2014 - Optimized ‘Onliness.php’ reducing 300ms down to 100ms processing time which increases all non-js pages loading times.

31/07/2014 - Optimized users_online table to reduce delay of 150ms down to 70ms

01/08/2014 - Optimized “trading.php” to use less queries on non-new users and unneeded DP syncing

02/08/2014 - Optimized the forum main page by creating cache files of the forum table and recent posts reducing page load time down to 100ms

02/08/2014 - Optimized profiles by temporarily removing tshock DB connection reducing processing time from 500ms down to 100ms.


Changed the way users online are handled. I’m not quite finished, but I removed it from page loading completely and moved it into the chat modules request for getting users online. This should speed up page loading.


I used Ctrl+F5 on every page on my browser right now, and DarkPanel pages seem to take the longest to finish loading visually.
EDIT: Just realised this is an age-old thread.

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It would. It requires a connection the tShock server and/or DB and theres nothing I can do about that.