[On Hold] Legend masters moderator app

Q1 Name

My name is Andre Luk

Q2 IGN (In-game name)

My in-game-name is legend master

[Q3] Why you want to be a Moderator

I love this server! Its the only server I can count on to make nice friends and have nice admin’s and community. I would give almost anything to make the server a better place I am helper now but helping people and resolving arguments are different things. I would hate to do this but if it comes to it ban any person in the server violating any rules continuously I am always know to give many chances and make right decisions for everyone around me. Also I love to have fun i’m not too strict about things and I don’t lose my temper easily.

Q4 Why I should accept you

You should accept me because I would be an awesome moderator I will make the server grief and hack free with the help of commands at my side I will make this server an enjoyable place to be and make everyone happy with my decisions I help alot even though I wasn’t helper for very long. But you don’t need to be helper to help :slight_smile: .

Q5 Make up 2 scenario’s, include the chat and any commands you would use

scenario 1:

josh: shut the **** up bitch your not nice
Me: do not use profanity to other player’s warning 1 and whats the problem?
josh: oscar beat me at pvp
oscar: you shouldn’t be mad just because I beat you
me: oscar is right josh
josh you f**ker
me: /mute josh
josh was muted
a little later
josh was unmuted
josh: legend master you are a son of a bitch
me: 2nd warning!
josh: go to hell
me: /ban add josh for profanity to others

scenario 2

fun: no my house!
me: /tp fun
me: what happened grief?
fun: yes
me: here let me see
me: /history
me: yep your house was griefed by waldo300
fun: thank you so much!
me: np
me: /ban add waldo300 for grief

Q6 What will you do to ensure you stay a Moderator?

I will ensure I stay moderator by helping people sorting out there problem’s help the helpers (lol!) and being on when ever I can I love this server so I feel it is my responsibility to take care of it even when no one is looking.

Q7 How often can you be on the server and active to help people?

I will try to be on every day unless i’m on vacation I love the server I will try to spend every free second on it that I can possibly fit in my schedule as you know i’m still in school so I must focus and study hard to maintain good grades and take care of the server at the same time
so please know that little fact. :slight_smile:

You got some mistakes:
/ban add “player” “reason”.
/histoty is good. But whst about /rollback “player” “time” “radius”.
Its quite short too, and you werent a helper for that much time either to know the privileges for the ranks.
You dont need to worry about time here for ranks but dont should to try tank up so fast
as it is too fast as I think.

ok sure

ok sure

Yeah what Punisher said, you just got helper. I told you to wait around a month… I will re-open this in about 3 weeks.

The requirements already state what is needed from the applicant. Chenaley, you need to read what it says there; you cannot make up a time frame.

This person has been banned. I am not changing the title, I am only stating that. Rofle, do whatever you want with this.