No one is replying to my ban appeal

no one is replying to my ban appeal

Be patient, you’ll get a reply soon

can u do my ban appeal PLEASE bcs its been 3 days and im getting rly sad bcs i really wanna go back to zombies :frowning:

Tejdxa i think popstarfreas is ignoring me could u contact him and tell him im waiting for his reply or could u take permission from him and do my ban appeal ik i sound desperate cus i AM pls understand

Or you could be patient and wait. He will respond to your appeal when he’s ready. Stop trying to rush it it’ll get you nowhere.

WELL, ive seen ExpertAce’s ban appeal right after mine and it seems like rofle has assigned that appeal to himself and he hasnt responded to that appeal either p.s could u well ask someone to unban me from the discord my name is ItsDiv idk y i got banned

You were banned from the server because you broke Discord TOS by not being the legal age to use discord. the legal age is to use discord is 13 and you’re 11

discord server or actual server

also what r tos

The Discord Server

what is wrong in being 11 im not even on discord that often

The problem with being 11 and having Discord is that it goes against the TOS or the “Terms of Services”. To use the product (Discord) of the product provider, you should comply with the legal agreement, or Terms of Services. Of those agreements, you must be under the age of 11. Although this policy is not strictly enforced and you do not have to disclose your actual age, you generally should abide by the the terms of using the product before actually using it.

please create a topic in the ban appeal section where the person that banned you will deal with your appeal. make sure that you follow the format or else it’ll get denied!