No longer have access to /house and tags in Survival


Dimensions or Services it affects
Survival for houses, everywhere for tags

Your in-game account name

How often it happens
After my game crashed and lost my account
After my account’s password was changed unknowingly

Any screenshots or videos showing the bug
I had the ability to go make houses, use /worldinfo, and do a few trading stuff. However, after I was mysteriously logged out and had help logging back in, my trading website privileges were all stripped, from /house commands to /worldinfo commands and tags, even though I had the same name as before. Anyone here available to help?


From what I see, this isn’t a bug. There must be a problem with your dtp account. Iirc, crew and tags are related to each other via the dtp website, if something happened to your account in the dtp site then it will also affect your perks ingame. Question- have you tried to log-in the dtp website? If not, you should make sure. If yes but still can’t get the perks, I suggest that you message @staff or wait for a staff to assist you. Im only knowledgeable about basic stuff. The staff are the best people to handle these kinds of situations.


Yes, I have logged in beforehand, and it still says that I do not have access to those perks, time to contact staff…