No Access To Terraria. [Closed :)]

Well my day just got crappier, come home from schoo, do all my home work and get ready to play some Terraria… BOOM next thing you know I knock orange juice on my laptop… So yeah it’s fried for now and I beleive i have lost the hard drive aswell… So yeah lucky me.

Never drink near your laptop, but the bottle/jug/whatever 1m away from your pc. You’re lucky as shit, you’re lucky as me (-_-).

3 — 10 days repair time, parts may need replacing or if not i get a replacement pc/laptop either the same as my current one or better, if the hard drive cannot be salvaged then i will need another day to get stuff downloaded and running + mayby Rofl this is my key to not having a re-installation disc xD

Dat luck…

Same thing happened to me. Luckily it went all over the carpet instead xD

I was not so lucky ;~; the people with my laptop just said it’s not worth financially fixing.
So now i run 15 fps everything!

Not worth fixing?! That is so unfair! :’(

get a better laptop like me alien-ware

My old laptop could run 90 fps on most games. It was worth more than 1000$
I’m now running on an old desktop I’ve had since like 2008. For me to save up and get another laptop like that would probably take more than a year.
Not worth

Got my laptop back today with a new HD screen (upgrade), a new keyboard that actually works (upgrade) and some new internal stuff. :slight_smile: