New World

some of you may have heard rofl has put a new world in and also there are some things I would like to mention number one everyone can break blocks now number 2 people can spawn bosses at spawn which means constant death messages and number 3 the spamming of ropes now being placed everywhere

also it is very laggy at the moment

This is because some of the plugins are not active as of yet (the last time i checked, last night). So protection against objects is currently not available, if you go to the tshock website and look at the front page then you will see why tshock is having a few issues at the moment.

Theres an issue with the new update that causes extreme lagg. This is not a tshock problem and i think Tshock is waiting for the next update

The lag is just Tvolk’s internet, apparently its been having some fun lately and so it isn’t working as best it could. This is a tshock server but none of the plugins are active like they normally are, we just have to wait a bit for the guys over there to update it.

Well apparently there’s an issue like TechKid has said that may be slowing down the server PC itself in terms of used resources. Initially we thought it was the connection, but it seems that it may infact be an issue with the terraria server.

get 15 people to join the server first.

I have a idea for the time the server is laggy we could have multiple servers hosted on volunteers computers

I would do this

uh… I’m not sure that keeps everyone together so well. You may as well just ask your friends to join your server (with a PM of course…) while its down. Most of the people on the server are new anyway and will probably not come back for a while after leaving.

Rofl, I don’t know if you know this but you can rollback. Also…I think Tshock is working again. I’m sorry if I’m budding in.

lol Brian you should come back here. Leave dumb bunnyville lol.

I used to be on bunnyville when dg wasn’t 24 hours. To be honest I didn’t like it to much.

I would come back here, but I’m not. No one respects me, I don’t want respect because of the past. But because I give everyone respect and I deserve it in return. That doesn’t happen here.

i agree with you Bob. I dont agree with giving little kids admin rights, Even if they are mature. And Brian DG seems pretty respectful to me. If you say that because they demoted you thats pretty dumb.

Wait, Wait. Backup! Are you calling me a little kid?! I’m not saying that because Rofl demoted me. I’m not even mad! He thought I just straight out quit. But I didn’t. Also I’m not talking about the past. You must not know what I mean by “respect”. Demoting me is not disrespect, it’s called doing your job. When I use the term “respect” I mean that for real. People literally disrespect me for flat out no reason.

End this now. This fight is pointless and it shouldn’t be on a thread. It’s derailing this thread with something rather stupid. If you wish to verbally fight you can do it via pm or over walls. Not on the shoutbox or on threads.

Yes. If you would like to resolve a conflict or extend one, I would suggest doing so away from threads because it causes unnecessary new pages.

Donuts, this is not a fight and it’s not turning into one. But if you think its a fight, I respect your opinion and I will stop.

Oh i wasn’t fighting. But i’ll stop and not go any further.

no, i did not include you when i was talking about little kids.