New Stuff!!!
there adding all this stuff to Terraria!!!Their adding more to the ocean :slight_smile:

Wow FukoShima was right… xD

warning:may or may not be April fool’s prank:P

(I myself don’t know)


it’s not! it’s CENX we’re talking about posted this! she woodn’t just make it 4 fun!

(sorry if cenx is a boy O__O )

Cenx is Redigit’s Girlfriend / Wife, so yes.

The pig thing was an April Fools’ joke. That and Red would never make the same mistake twice by adding units capable of causing major grief on buildings.

i just hope it’s at least 3x bigger than the shark or more

it’s gotta be bigger than a shark! if it weren’t id be a…a rip-off! lol

Hmm, Cenx is red’s wife eh? Weird, I never knew that.

me either…

I don’t think Cenx is Red’s wife but they are both dev’s

Weird, wether she is or not.

or maybe they are I don’t know

You guys are bad at this :slight_smile:

bad at what?

Hey, we aren’t geniuses! You may be an expert at plugins, but we aren’t. So lay off! xD

Ask Enerdy what he means with “this”, because the only thing I can see, is a bunch of guys that do not trust everything “New members” say. :slight_smile:

What are you talking about?

Enerdy: “You guys are bad at this :)”

and then you replied with: “Hey, we aren’t geniuses!”

You dont even know what you are bad at yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, he means like thinking about how the mode would work, and all that.