New Command Idea: /bookmark

I got an idea for a command, I don’t know if a similar command exists but I just wanted to make this thread just in case.

Anyways, this command will allow you to teleport to multiple places.
Here is how it works,
First you type /place and it will show you 3 possible commands.

The first one is /place add (place name)
This one is used to make the place.

The second one is /place rename (current bookmark name) (new bookmark name)
This one is used to rename places if let’s say you made a spelling mistake, this won’t make you delete the command.
(this one may be removed)

The third and final one is /place delete (place name)
This one is to delete desired commands

I think the limit of places should be 10.

The name was changed from /bookmark to /place

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

It honestly isn’t a bad idea for a command. It would probably have to be a higher rarity, and be limited to non-PvP use. It would probably get rather buggy when players build overtop of it, but other than that, it’s a good idea

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you mean like “/sethome” and “/myhome”? These commands are in the system, but Essentials need to be fixed before they will work.


I was thinking for /bookmark to be like an “upgrade” type of command, like /buff and /permabuff,
so it should be like R9 or R10.

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Wouldn’t /place name be better?

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That’s true, I’ll change the name.

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I still do not see how this is different from “/sethome” and “/myhome”?